2018 was a year of a lot of changes for me in many ways. One of these changes was the end of my job and the beginning (or continuity?) of my business. As people ask me what I am doing, I decided to make this post in my blog.

In my circle, I am known as Mrs. Natural Products. Must say that it’s been 30 years that I have this ‘business’. I say ‘business’ but all that time it was more of a hobby.

At the very beginning, the only thing that interested me was my health, so the products only. These products helped me a lot for my health and that is why, 30-35-ish years later, I still use them.

I had concussions in March 2018 (then August, then November!) And I left my job in June 2018.

Today, I could go back to the job market, at least part-time, but I chose not to. Is it a decision ad vitam aeternam? I don’t know. What I know is that it’s been years that I want to do what I’m doing right now. The opportunity presented itself and I decided to make the jump. As I mentioned to some people, I do not want to die with regrets of not doing what I wanted to do.

And why did I make that choice?

Because I like that, that’s for sure. It has brought me a lot and I want to make a difference in people’s lives in my turn. It’s the heart of my business. But I also because realized that the hobby I have had all these years brought me money in times when I could not work. This is where I saw the potential of my hobby financially.

That’s when I decided to treat my hobby as a real business.

And I realized that other people would like to make a change in their life or just have more income.

If I go back 30 years, when I was introduced to this type of business, I just had the idea to take my health in hand. Then, being a mom at home, the idea came to me to make a small income to pay for my products.

That’s how it started.

Over time, people around me started buying from my ‘shop’.

Now, I show others how to build this business …. NOT using pressure sales techniques.

I do it by showing what I do, giving information.

It is certain that in the last 30 years I have learned a lot. But a person who starts does not need all this knowledge.

Let me explain.

I use a service that deals with content and technology for me. They deal with, among other things, e-mails, newsletters, website, Facebook page, webinars, information bank for both clients and those who want to build their business, training. I add my ideas, I customize here and there. I would not have the time or knowledge of content and technology to do everything they do.

That’s the beauty of the thing: it makes the business accessible right away to someone who wants to build his own. The tools are there. It’s up to us to use them. My website www.jasminelabreche.com gives an idea of ​​some of these tools.

I do not say that we cross our arms and that everything is done for us. Like for any business it takes work and perseverance. An advantage in this type of business is that a beginner can learn along the way while building his business according to their schedule. And I’m here to accompany them at their own pace.

The word ‘business’ can intimidate some people. To be honest, I admit that at the very beginning, if I had been presented as a business only, I would have turned my back on it … and I would not be where I am now.

I invite you to take a look at my website www.LivesYouWillTouch.com to watch a short video of 5 minutes. If you want to know more, you create your account or contact me and we will do it together.  I will then guide you to my online classrooms to show you what I do, the products, and the tools I use. It’s free and it does not commit you to anything. If you are not ready to create an account yet, contact me through email or Facebook and let’s talk!

Whether you want to build a business to create an income, big or small,  your health or your family’s or the planet’s health is important to you, I think you can get something out of it.

IMPORTANT: After the guided tour, if you decide it’s not for you, IT’S OK! I do not take it personally ?

I like to open doors to possibilities.

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