🔹 **What’s up this week**: What about supplement companies? 🔁 **Replay**: Men’s Health masterclass 🚰 **Dehydration** | EP. 32

In June, the theme is Men’s Health. In the last episode, I talked about what Dr. Brouse would cover in the masterclass. He addressed physical and mental health and shared tips to improve communication between men and women.

🎥 The next webcast will focus on what’s good to know about supplement companies.

🔁 **Replay**: Men’s Health Masterclass – my insights

📰 Articles and videos to help prevent critical health issues in men and achieve peak wellness:

1. 🧔💊 “What Should Men Look for in a Multivitamin?”

2. 📈🚹 “This Risk Skyrockets to 40-50% in Men Over 30”

3. 🦸‍♂️🦵 “5 Ways Zinc Works Wonders for Men”

4. 🧠💪 “Exploring the Surprising Benefits of Magnesium”

🌡️ Signs of dehydration.


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